Wea Trust Life Insurance Premiums

Paying Life Insurance Premiums

Get peace of mind for you and your loved ones. We’re here to answer questions about life insurance premiums and about your plan to make things easier for you.

Premium Payment Schedule & Grace Period

Premium Payment Schedule 

  • Premiums are due each month on or before the 20th day of the preceding month.
  • This applies to both employers and individuals who pay premiums directly to us.
  • Grace Period: You have a grace period of 31 days to pay any premium, except the first payment. Coverage remains in force during the grace period. If the premium isn't paid within the 31-day grace period, coverage ends at the end of the grace period.

Set up Automatic Withdrawal

Be kind to the planet and avoid having to write a check each month by signing up for automatic withdrawal. Complete the Bank Authorization to Withdraw Funds. If there are changes to your monthly premium amount, you’ll be notified in writing.

How To Read Your Premium Invoice (Opens in new Window)

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