7 Things to Tell Your Beneficiary

  1. Let beneficiaries know you have WEA Trust life insurance. Keep a folder of updated insurance documents and let your family members know where to find it. Regularly review your insurance documents to determine if you need to update an address, name, or a beneficiary. This will simplify the claim process.
  2. A copy of the WEA Trust Life Insurance policy is not needed to make a claim. Keep the most recent Confirmation of Your WEA Trust Life Insurance Benefit letter with your insurance documents. This will help your beneficiaries understand your life insurance coverage and let them know who to call to start the claim process.
  3. A certified copy of the death certificate is needed. A certified copy of the death certificate will be needed along with the completed WEA Trust claim form. In the State of Wisconsin, the death certificate is printed on security paper, has a raised seal, and shows the signature of the Local or State Registrar.
  4. Life insurance benefits are tax-free. WEA Trust life insurance benefits are paid as a lump sum and are tax-free to the beneficiaries.
  5. Named beneficiaries will receive the benefit. Keep beneficiary designations up-to-date by completing a new WEA Trust Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation form whenever necessary. If you name your spouse as your beneficiary and later divorce, benefits will be still paid to the former spouse* unless you complete a new beneficiary designation form and designate a new beneficiary. If more than one primary beneficiary is named, theproceeds will be split based on the percentage specified on the beneficiary designation form.
  6. A family member should contact WEA Trust. WEA Trust doesn’t necessarily know that an insured person has died. If you know you’re a life insurance beneficiary, be proactive and contact us to start the claim process.
  7. Benefits will be paid quickly. Once WEA Trust receives a certified death certificate and the required documentation from each beneficiary, the benefit will be processed quickly. After that, benefits will be paid within 14 days, or sooner, if payment is made direct to a bank account.

* Probate laws may disqualify a policyowner’s former spouse from receiving life insurance proceeds. Update your Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation if your marital status changes and you want your former spouse to receive the proceeds of the policy.

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